Social Responsibility

YMCA Board

Proud and Dedicated Leadership

Direction, decisions and passionate stewardship of the Worthington Area YMCA come from a volunteer board of directors. The Y has the participation of 14 board members, several of whom also serve on the Y's several committees in membership, marketing, programs and services, strategic vision, building and grounds and others. With input from the Y staff, the board assesses community needs and guides the Y accordingly. 

YMCA Board officers

Chad Nixon - President
Kenton Meier - Vice President
Randy Thompson - Secretary
Tammy Koller - Treasurer
Colin O'Donnell - Past President

YMCA board members

Adam Blume
Bill Gordon
Jennifer Weg
Dale Carlson
Joe Vander Kooi
Jeff Williamson
Julie Lopez
America Voss
Mark Schreiber
Jason Gerdes
Chad Cummings - City Council Representative
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