Group Exercise

Group Exercise



Boot Camp

This specialty class is limited to 8 participants a session and is one of our most challenging. With multiple class sessions available, chances are there is one to fit your schedule. This class requires and extra fee and is available to members and non-members. All levels welcome, please bring a water bottle.

Tuesday & Thursday

January 8th - February 7th

February 19th - March 21st

April 2nd - May 2nd

$35.00 a session for Y-Members | $100.00 a session Non-Members


Our cycling instructors will push you in this class, taking you through a variety of routines of intense cycling. A great cross training class for runners, cyclists, tri-athletes as well as beginning exercises and groups. All levels welcome, please bring a water bottle.


This non-stop strengthening and sculpting class uses your own body weight and incorporates free weights with movements to increase strength, flexibility and balance. Our class pulls from our instructor’s experience with personal and athlete training and Pilates. All levels welcome, please bring a water bottle.


This interval class is built upon the foundation of interval training to get your conditioning level taken to the next level. With a constant variety of exercises, movements and drills, you will always be challenged in different ways to keep your body adapting. All levels welcome, please bring a water bottle.


A combination of aerobic conditioning, strength and flexibility training, this class offers a great environment to jump into group exercise programming as well as incorporate your cross training for experienced exercisers. All levels welcome, please bring a water bottle.

Women on Weights

This small group training program will help you develop your strength in an intimate setting with a certified personal trainer. No prior weightlifting experience required. Whether you are a beginner or advanced lifter programs can be adapted to make you push yourself to find your inner strength.

Classes run for 30 minutes and involve at most, only 4 participants. 6 class packages are purchased at the Front Desk only, You may sign up for as many sessions as you have purchased at any time.


This class incorporates a variety of dance movements creating a dynamic and effective fitness workout. Come join the party as our instructors lead you through new routines and you dance to better health. This class targets your whole body. All levels welcome, please bring a water bottle.

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